live, love,laugh♥
live, love,laugh♥


Seriously, a more realistic ending for Ted Mosby, or at least in-character Ted Mosby: the one we know and loved, would’ve been something like this:

"Wait, this is the story of how you love Aunt Robin"

"You guys are right. I’m gonna call….wait…"

————The Next Day————

"Ted, this is Barney….

❝ A famous saying goes “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.” As it turns out, it’s what screwed up HIMYM the most, too. Having a plan is great, but at some point the characters might make that plan irrelevant. That’s what I believe Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall did. The original plan no longer fit these characters. The best show would remain true to the characters. Unfortunately, this show remained true to the plan instead. ❞

As charming as Robin and Ted were in season 1 or 2, it was apparent by their first break up that they would never be right as a couple because they didn’t have enough in common, didn’t make each other happy, and could never give each other what they truly wanted. For Ted, it was a nuclear family and obsessive love. For Robin, it was a partner in crime for life’s adventures. Robin found the true love relationship with Barney, and everything we were given led us to believe that Tracy was that person for Ted. When the show introduced her, she brought joy to the characters we already loved, and she fit.

This was the twist, and the romantic promise of HIMYM: that you can find your happiness, that the love we choose is more real than the idealized fantasies, and that this show wasn’t going to follow the old rules to tell that story. It was supposed to be about a genuine love story, not about how The First Girl Always Wins.

Then the finale happened: Nice Guys win if they wait long enough, and the spirit of romantic growth the show fed us for the last 9 years is a lie.